Blow Molding Machine & Mould

Taizhou Huangyan Huatai Machine & Mould CO.,LTD. which is in the famous native place of orange, kingdom of mould, cradleland of plastic - Huangyan, has more than 20-year history in making plastic machines. It specializes in manufacturing plastic blow moulding machines (blow bottle machines, hollow blow mold machines), honeycomb heating-boxes, ultrared heating-boxes, moulds and other plastic products. It has abundance experiences and strong technology.

HuaTai's have been exported to many countries and areas, such as North America, West Europe, South Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Russia and so on. With the guiding principle of cooperative, confiding, equal and mutual benefit spirit, HuaTai sincerely welcomes new and old customers visiting the factory.

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Application area

3 large varieties, 8 series, more than 60 models, can produce 10 ml to 2000 liters of hollow products

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